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Add Your Business To Facebook And Instagram Locations

Facebook And Instagram Locations

Your Business To Facebook And Instagram Locations. Everything is changing so fast in the digital world. While it was possible to check-in at places that are not registered on Facebook and Instagram as an ordinary user, it is currently not possible to do so. It is important that cafes, restaurants – in other words, local businesses – exist in the digital world. In Turkey, tens of thousands of locations are shared on Instagram every day, which enables locations and places to reach more people. But if your local business isn’t appearing in locations, how can you add it?

1- First, create a Facebook page.

Facebook and Instagram are interconnected platforms. Facebook requires using Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager tools for many actions to be performed on Instagram business accounts. In order to use these tools, you need to create a Facebook page linked to your Instagram page. We recommend that you open this page from your own personal account.

If you already have a Facebook page and Business Manager account, you can go to the last item.

2- Create a Facebook Business Manager account linked to the Facebook page.

You can start building at When creating a Business manager account, make sure you are logged into the Facebook account where you created the Facebook page.

3- Add the details of your Business Manager account.

Add details such as what your business is about, phone number, e-mail address, opening-closing time. These details will be visible to users when your venue is viewed on Facebook.

Business To Facebook And Instagram Locations

4- Add your business to Store Locations

You may also have entered address information on your Facebook page and Business Manager account. However, if you don’t include your address in store locations, your business cannot be checked in or added to posts on Instagram or Facebook.

And now your Business To Facebook And Instagram Locations

You can access the store locations page from the search button in Business Manager.

Wait 24 hours after filling in the information about your business on the page that opens. Within 24 hours, your business will be active on Facebook and Instagram.

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