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5 UX Principles for Creating a Great Website

Great Website
Great Website

Creating a Great Website

With the increasing interest in social media and digital content, great website design and optimization has become increasingly important. Just as the decoration of the cafes and shops we enter affects our perceptions, the design of the websites is an important factor that we can use to influence the perspective of the users. You can apply the 6 items that we will talk about in this article in order to increase your quality score and to rank higher in search engines and to keep customers on your page.

6 things you need to pay attention to to make your website better

  • Colors
  • Images
  • Consistency within and between pages
  • Compatibility with different devices (mobile responsiveness)
  • Page speed
  • An easy navigation system

1- Colors

Scientifically proven that colors activate various emotions and feelings in the human brain. Considering this information, choosing the right color scale when designing a website will be a simple. Important step in order to influence the target audience and therefore spend more time on the site. Since the meanings of colors to individuals can differ between cultures. Considering the target audience and choosing colors accordingly will increase your productivity. When choosing colors, you can also make use of ready-made color palettes available on the Internet.

2- Images

Photos, illustrations, video and other images are indispensable parts of websites. Images summarize the message to be given in writing. Draw attention to its important points will increase the efficiency of the users from the site. It is very important that all the images used are related to the content of the article and that the message to be conveyed is understandable. High resolution photos should be used for a more professional look. Unnecessary video and photo use should be avoided so that the loading speed of the site does not slow down.

Great Website

3-Consistency = Great Website

The overall appearance of the website should be consistent within itself. The fact that features such as backgrounds, color scales and fonts are the same or in harmony on all pages are factors that positively affect the user experience. It is very important to keep the design of your site simple and ensure that every page has similar structures, if not the same.

If you want to use different fonts, you should make sure that these fonts match each other. Since it may be difficult for some users to read infrequent texts, easy-to-read and more familiar fonts (Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Courier New, etc.) should be used.

4-Device Compatibility

It is of great importance for websites to be mobile-friendly so that the content on the site can be viewed from different devices without any problems. Considering that the use of mobile devices has surpassed the use of desktop computers, we can say that creating a responsive site has become a necessity to create a user-friendly site. You can find our article on device compatibility here.

5. Page Speed

One of the most important factors in users abandoning websites is slow loading speed. A good page load speed increases both user engagement and sales. A speed of 4-6 seconds is considered ideal. Slow loading speed reduces sites’ rankings in search engines. You can easily find out your site speed using the PageSpeed Insights tool.

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