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How to Increase Organic Followers on Instagram in 7 Steps

Increase Organic Followers

Instagram; It surpassed Facebook and Twitter to have the highest average engagement rate of all social media platforms. Increase Organic Followers is a great option for getting more audiences because it helps you reach an incredibly large audience pool. It is important to reach a large audience, but the most important thing is that these audiences should not only exist in numbers, the audience we are talking about should be active and constantly interacting with you. This is what is called an organic follower. Statistics show that 67% of marketers plan to increase their Instagram organic activity over the next 12 months. (oberlo) In this article, we will talk about ways to increase organic followers on Instagram in 7 steps.

Step 1 – Identify Your Target Audience

Introducing your content to users who are not interested in it will not be of long-term benefit, since the purpose of this article is to reach audiences who will be in constant interaction with you. Way to determine who your content appeals to and determine your target audience well. You should analyze your current audience well; You should examine the characteristics of your followers such as age, gender, place of residence and obtain important information about the demographic structure of your audience. In addition, you should learn the hours your audience is active and consider this factor. As you analyze your own audience, you should analyze the audiences of your competitors in your field and act accordingly. If you use your target audience on Instagram correctly, you will get a higher engagement rate.

Step 2 – Prepare Engaging Content

One of the most important rules for attracting the attention of your audience on Instagram is to create engaging content. The more engaging your content is, the more likely people are to share it. The content you prepare should stand out from your competitors and be more interesting. Since your target audience will be very similar to your competitors in your field, you should attract the attention of their followers with your content. You should make your posts interesting, follow the trend and focus on content that provides more engagement. The data shows that video posts get 38% more engagement than posts with pictures. (AdEspresso) For this reason, increase organic followers focusing on video sharing will be a good method to increase your organic follower count.

increase organic followers focus

Step 3 – Listen to Your Followers

As Raheel Farooq puts it. “Content is not a king, but a president elected by the votes of those who aim to rule.”

Your audience determines the content of your posts, so you should follow them. If you ignore the wishes of your followers and go for your own, it will not be good for your profile. You should make posts that appeal to your followers so that you can keep them engaged with your profile. That’s what organic followers mean anyway. As long as you don’t listen to what your followers are saying. Your followers will be just a number, and an unengaged follower doesn’t mean much. He remains just a regular follower, not an organic follower. Therefore, you should determine your target audience and act by taking them into account.

Step 4 – Prepare a Calendar for Your Posts to Increase Organic Followers

In the previous steps, we talked about how your content should be. Now we will talk about something as important as the content, planning. Need to share your content regularly so that your followers do not forget that you are there. You can provide this vitality with the story feature and Instagram TV as well as posts. You must constantly offer them something so that you do not lose them. It can be difficult to regain lost followers. If you actively use your profile, your followers will notice that you are constantly there and it will make it easier for them to contact you.

You should make your shares at certain times as well as constantly. Because your followers know when you post and visit your profile just to see your posts at the time of posting. Only for this reason can you have a certain audience. In case you may not be able to post at these predetermined times, it is useful to have ready-made posts. Do not forget that the content shared is as important as the continuous, regular and planned sharing of the content.

Increase Organic Followers

Step 5 – Use Hashtags

In this step, we will talk about something very important, although it is overlooked, the hashtag. By determining a good hashtag strategy, you can reach certain audiences and provide more interaction. For a good hashtag strategy, it is useful to consider what we will talk about now. There are certain hashtags related to the field of each sector, for this, examine the hashtags used by your competitors and choose the appropriate ones. In addition, do not ignore hashtags related to your field but not that popular, along with the hashtags used by your competitors.

Since there is so much demand and flow to popular hashtags, your posts may disappear among other posts there. For this, along with popular hashtags, choose hashtags that are related to your field but are not very popular. Thus, while gaining a place in hashtags with a high flow, you can also dominate the hashtags where the flow is not that much. Instagram gives you the opportunity to use 30 hashtags, but using all of these rights may cause your posts not to look good and may cause your account to be temporarily blocked by Instagram.

Step 6 – Keep in constant communication with your followers

Respond to your followers’ requests and clear their minds to make them feel valued. Engage them when they make any comments, and don’t leave their questions unanswered when they ask you questions via text or email. When they ask you for information on anything, give them what they want in a descriptive and concise manner. Keep in constant contact and never break communication. Remember that your followers will not want to stay where they are not valued. This is what we are talking about in this article. If you gain active and engaged followers, but don’t engage with them, they will only remain your regular followers and not organic followers, meaning they will only exist as a follower count or not at all.

Step 7 – You Can Advertise on Instagram for Increase Organic Followers

While browsing Instagram, you have come across sponsored content and advertisements. Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, these ads that you come across bring you ads that are definitely relevant to you instead of ordinary or ordinary ads. If you advertise on Instagram for a certain fee, it will serve these ads to people whose interests are compatible with your field. You can reach a serious audience with just these ads. As a result, when an ad appears on Instagram that interests them, many people want to learn the details and content of these ads.

For this, you can use the View Instagram Profile CTA (Call to Action) button to advertise and direct people to your profile, where they can see your other content and follow you. Although this method is paid, unlike the previous steps, it is the easiest and risk-free method to increase organic followers on Instagram. If you want to grow your page, announce it to more people and have enough budget, advertising on Instagram will be a risk-free and very good choice for you.

Instagram is a social media platform that is of great importance for every company and organization. Its popularity among internet users is growing rapidly and it has outstripped many other social media platforms. Instagram is an incredible opportunity to reach large audiences. In this article, we talked about ways to increase organic followers on Instagram in 7 steps. We believe that with the implementation of these steps, there will be significant increases in the number of active followers and the interaction you receive.

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