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Introduction to Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads

After Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the Facebook ad network, which has grown even more, has become a large advertising network serving in every country. The Facebook ad network, which has a successfully audited and non-irritating advertising experience, has successful targeting options and different bid strategies, as well as being the most preferred ad by all large or small businesses and individual users, thanks to its integration with many other 3rd party tools. became one of their networks. “How to advertise on Facebook and Instagram? Why should we prefer Facebook and Instagram ads? What are the advantages?” In addition to questions like these, you will also learn what you need to do to advertise more successfully.

Why are Facebook and Instagram Ads So Preferred?

Why are Facebook and Instagram Ads So Preferred?

While Facebook serves 2.4 billion users in the world, Instagram serves more than 1 billion users and you can reach 1/3 of the people in the world by using these platforms. Professionally speaking, it can connect with mobile applications and websites and has the chance to improve the ads of the business with the data collected from it. It is possible to make more successful targeting as each user is segmented according to their demographics, interests and behaviors. Thinking deductively, you can break an ad targeting as follows.

  • Female users all over the world
  • Female users in Turkey
  • Female users under the age of 30 in Turkey
  • Married female users under the age of 30 in Turkey
  • Female users under the age of 30 who are married and have no children in Turkey
  • Female users under the age of 30 in Turkey, who are married and have no children, who are interested in the Survivor program
  • We can say that it is a successful ad network because it allows narrow targeting as well as broad targeting. In addition, we can say that the wage policy is preferred because it appeals to both corporate and individual segments.

What are Facebook and Instagram Advertising Prices?

Advertising prices and pricing on Facebook and Instagram are slightly different than traditional ads. When advertising, the target of the advertisement is determined first and then the budget is determined. A bid strategy is then followed. Ads are priced in an automated system such as an auction. Your ad will receive impressions within your budget. You will never spend more than the budget you set. Pricing also differs according to ad types.

You are going to advertise for awareness, you will be charged per thousand impressions, so Cost per Miller is CPM for short.Your purpose of advertising is to bring visitors to your website, cost per click comes into play and you don’t pay for everyone who sees the ad, you only pay for people who click on the ad, and this pricing metric is Cost per Click, or CPC for short.

If your purpose of advertising is to sell products on your website, the fee will be per sale you make from that advertisement. In this, costing is done with the Cost per Action (CPA) method.

One advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads is this pricing policy. The increase in the purchases made in your store as a result of an advertisement you place on the television does not concern the television company, and you will continue to pay the same price in every way. But that’s not the case with Facebook and Instagram ads. If you do not make any sales as a result of an advertisement you place for sale, you do not have to pay any fees.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

What are Featured Ads on Facebook and Instagram?

If you have a business page on Facebook and Instagram, you will be presented with a quick ad suggestion to feature it. It is not possible to do detailed targeting in these ads. Your post will be featured so that it reaches more people within your budget. It is not possible to set an advertising objective. It is preferred by businesses that want to gain more followers, gain post likes or announce the post to more people.

How to Advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

In order to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you must first open a business account on Facebook from within your personal Facebook account, and then open an advertising account. Ads on Facebook and Instagram are managed from this Facebook Ad account. After opening these 2 accounts, you must link your Instagram and Facebook pages to these accounts.

Once your pages are linked, they will go through a short approval process. This approval process can take up to 72 hours. If you have a website or mobile application, Facebook will ask you to place a code on your website or mobile application to identify them to Facebook. After all the processes are done, you are ready to advertise.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is carried out in 3 stages.

Creating a campaign
Creating an ad group
To create an advertisement.
You can create multiple ad groups within a campaign. In addition, it is possible to create more than one ad within an ad group. You can set your budget at the campaign level or at the ad group level. If you set your budget at the campaign level, it will not be evenly distributed to the ad groups you create. Whichever ad group will perform better, Facebook will automatically assign more budget to that ad group. This budget definition takes place while your ad is live.

Your ads go through an approval process before they start running. This approval process will look at whether your ads pose a legal problem. In addition, Facebook also examines whether it is against Facebook’s advertising policies. If there are any problems, your ad will not be approved. Also, a little information you should not forget: The image you advertise on Facebook and Instagram should contain a maximum of 20% text. Images with more text are not approved as ads. For this reason, you may need to check your image through the Facebook Text Overlay Tool before placing it as an ad.

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