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How to Successfully Targeting Facebook and Instagram Ads?

One of the most important stages of an advertising campaign is targeting. Targeting Facebook and Instagram Ads offers a very detailed targeting strategy to users. By using this detailed targeting strategy in Facebook and Instagram ads, it is possible to manage a successful advertising campaign with the right targeting. For this, there are a few important points that all marketers should pay attention to. By paying attention to these points, you can reduce costs and increase conversions in your advertising campaigns.

Targeting Facebook and Instagram Ads

Creating Persona

Creating Persona, a technique that marketers have used for years, is a technique that facilitates targeting. Which should also be used in digital marketing and digital advertising today. Persona is the identification card of a fictional personality similar to the majority of people in your target audience. When creating this personality. It is important to identify his interests, religious views, likes or fears, as well as naming him. In fact, determining the social media networks that this person actively uses for digital marketing. It will make your targeting much easier.

Establishing a Broad Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaign Structure

Setting up a broad-targeted campaign structure is important for the ad campaign to perform better. It is possible to create different ad sets under an ad campaign on Facebook. And create different ads under these ad sets. In Facebook ads, targeting is done at the ad set level, not at the campaign level. By using this feature, it is possible to target multiple audiences in different ad sets under an ad campaign.

Targeting Facebook and Instagram Ads and Identifying Ad Sets for Successful Targeting

Targeting by Interests

It is enough to make 3 different ad sets to target the broadest target audiences with a single Persona. One of these ad sets should be the Interest target audience that you target the Persona you specify. After targeting the age range and location, you must enter the detailed targeting options. And add all the areas of interest to the Persona you have chosen. You can also select married, single or parent options with children in detailed targeting. Since you also pre-determine the marital status of your Persona. Which you should also look at defining an audience as Facebook’s helpful tool when choosing these targetings. It is important that your target audience is not too specific and includes a broad audience.

Targeting by Creating Lookalike Audience

Lookalike audiences You can create similar audiences to your own using Facebook’s own algorithm. These target audiences can be your current customers, Instagram/Facebook followers. People who visit your website before or people who actively use your mobile application. By using the Facebook algorithm, you can have the chance to reach new users similar to these people with your ads.

You can create similar target audiences in different locations and advertise to gain new users. For example, it is possible to create a target audience in Germany similar to your customers in Turkey. Since user habits differ from region to region, it is generally recommended to choose the same location as the current audience location and the similar target audience location.

However, if you do not have a target audience data for that region. It would be useful to create a similar audience for the country you have in another region.

You also have the chance to decide how similar your new audience will be to the existing audience. Here you can choose what percentage of the target location you want to access for similarity. If you choose a rate like 1%, you will reach a more similar and specific audience. However, if the estimated reach is too low, you can reach more people by reaching fewer similar people.

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