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What is Digital Marketing? What are the advantages?

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

In parallel with the development of technology, digital marketing is getting stronger day by day. By using this power, brands can easily convey their brand messages to the target audience thanks to smart advertisements.

Brands use the power of digital marketing have a more advantageous position in their competition with their competitors. This competition in a superior way. It is necessary to know the strengths of digital marketing correctly and to use it actively.

Digital marketing, which has more talent than traditional media channels such as television, newspaper and radio, is increasing day by day. In the new age, marketers are trying to optimize their investments by making the best use of these capabilities.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

Speed: The rapid development of the digital world ensures that the dynamics within it are also fast. You can activate or stop any ad you want on Google Ads or Facebook in seconds. You can quickly change the strategy of your ads according to the reactions of your target audience to your ads or the urgent decisions made by your brand.

Interaction: With Web 2.0 technology, information flows both from brand to user and from user to brand in digital media. Communication in traditional media, on the other hand, is only one-way from brand to user, like television or newspaper advertisements. In digital platforms with two-way communication dynamics, the interaction of users with content such as comments, likes or shares closely affects the performance of the campaigns.

Targeting: The targeting feature is one of the most important features that makes digital marketing superior to traditional marketing. In digital marketing, you can target both locally and globally. Instead of giving the same brand message to all users, giving a special brand message to each target audience will attract the attention of users.

While you do not advertise your product to the user who has purchased that product; You can make a much more intense advertising communication to the user who has put the product in his cart but hasn’t bought it yet.

You can target according to a lot of information such as the user’s location, interest, age, gender, relationship status, and show your ad only to people who are your potential customers.

Measurement: It is possible to see the return on investment made with digital marketing advertisements. You can easily measure the success of your ad according to the performance indicators you have previously determined, such as the number of impressions, clicks and conversions.

Cost: which one is expensive

Cost: Instead of reaching large audiences with high budgets in your advertisements in traditional marketing, you can reach smaller audiences with low budgets. Of course, this does not mean that “Ads in digital marketing are cheaper”.

Because the unit cost of each advertisement made in traditional and digital media is very different from each other. However, since we can target in the digital world, we can reach the audience we want much more accurately. For this reason, unit costs of advertisements in digital marketing can come to more affordable prices with the targeting technology used.

Optimization: In the digital marketing world, it is possible to make instant decisions and change the entire strategy and the direction of the investment. For this reason, it is important for company efficiency to instantly monitor the performance of advertisements according to the previously determined KPIs and to invest in the advertisement that provides the best performance.

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